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Bottleneck Blues Baby

Yet another guitar in my meager collection, this one has the main distinction of being the the first brand new guitar I have bought in a long, long time. I bought it just last year in 2010.  For some reason I am usually drawn more to used guitars(better price, already dings so I don’t have to be careful, who knows?)

I have messed around with electric slide guitar for a few years and had done some on my regular acoustic, but I finally wanted to delve a bit further into that true delta blues sound, and get a real resonator guitar; mess with some open tunings.  Frankly I just wasnt ready for that metal National or Dobro tone just yet, and I finally stumbled onto this Fender model.  Since they are not the most played guitar I could not find a used one.  I finally just bought in new after searching for a few months.

I have not been disappointed.  It is not as loud or metallic as the above referenced guitars, but it is still PLENTY loud.  Plus the combo of wood body with that resonator, I thing, just rounds the tone out nicely.  The guitar also has a telecaster style pickup and under saddle pickup both of which you can blend together.  So it really makes for a great recording and live gig instrument.  It is Chinese mfg but its been very reliable, great tone, and good looking finish.  Definitely gets some looks when somone comes to the house.

About slides themselves,  like everything there are far too many  shapes, materials, sizes  of slides on the market to test every one of them, unless you just plunk down about $400 and order them all at one time.  After a few years of trying a few different ones, and asking questions of some great local  slide players here is what I prefer to use, for the time being.  Again, this can always change.  Right now I love using the brass slide on the left for acoustic and resonator slide.  The extra weight feels great, and it has a slight curve to it so its easier to play 5 strings at a time without fretting out. The Dunlop slide on the right, the glass one, is my go to for electric work.  Just the opposite I like that its very lightweight and short. That way I can fly around more for single note solos or riffs higher up on the guitar neck.  The one in the middle is this ceramic slight I bought at the NAMM 2010 show.  To be honest I like it less than the other two but sometimes it has just a different vibe that sounds cool, so I let it stick around.   Last but not least, I wear the slide on my pinky finger. Again, everyone seems to learn it differently but I like being able to make chords with the other three fingers still if need be. 

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