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Falling In Love with Ruby

I’ve worked on alot of guitars, some cool looking, some great sounding, some funky, some downright junky and everything in between.  So even if a customer brings in a higher end brand like a Gibson, Taylor, Martin, PRS for example,  and its their baby, I hope you can understand its usually just another  day in the shop, no big excitement.   But every so often there is that one guitar which gets the heart beating a little faster, starts the palms sweating like its your first school dance, makes you want to get that repair done a little sooner, so you can take some extra time to test it and really make sure it plays well,  heck, maybe even ask your customer if he wants to sell it….(ok, havent pulled that one yet.) 

Well, when this dame, er, guitar came walking through the door with its owner, Matt  who runs The New Moondog Studio’s of West Covina, I knew I was in trouble.  This was one fine looking Les Paul Deluxe; a lighter red wine glossy finish over flame maple, with mini-humbuckers, and clean all around.    Matt introduced us and said her name was Ruby. (Matt names all his guitars).  Ruby was in great shape already, she just needed a new string nut and professional setup.    After some consulation Matt decided he’d really like the look of that Vintage Bone as the string nut material to go along with the tuning pegs. 


Well, when I was finally finished installing the string nut and giving Ruby a good setup, I can say she played as well as she looked, had some great balance and felt solid just like a Les Paul should.   I really hated to see Ruby go out that door, but Matt was smiling from ear to ear knowing that she was coming back home where she belonged.   I guess that made it all worthwhile in the end.   Here is what Matt had to say about the repair job.

“The service is professional, quick and of exceptional quality. Look no farther to find your Los Angeles based luthier. Thank You Mr. Adams”

Ruby with new custom fit vintage bone string nut
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