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Groovy Suitcase Pedalboard Project

There is nothing like getting back into a project that is really good idea, but has been gathering dust in the shop.  Then again it helps when you just put a moratorium in ANY new projects until the old ones either get done or get thrown out. 

This is a project I started a while back(3 years ago?  wow…) that has finally worked its way back up to the A-list of projects to complete in 2010 since its been that kind of year.   I got the idea from another website, and found a perfect suitcase for the job, $10 at a local thrift shop.  Talk about old school style.   I have all the pedals I want to use all layed out and even have the input/output cabling all layed out too.  So I am finally making some very good progress!!

Now I have figure out the best way to make the power cables that run to each unit.  Still working on that one since the wire I originally got is just too heavy duty to be able to daisy chain with the 9V power connectors I have. That is pretty much the final step unless something else unforseen comes up.   I will definitely include more updates once this project is complete.  I’ll give more details about the complete build itself, and the pedals I am have in the board.  Here are some pics.  Of course I’ve been putting the necessary stickers on the case the last couple years its been sitting in my shop.

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