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Guitar Collection: Back to Bass-ics

Okay, after a long hiatus we are back to another entry in my guitar collection. As I had mentioned previously, I do not have an extensive amount of guitars,(although non guitar players always think I do when they come to the house…), but each guitar I have seems to have a story behind it or at least a place and time it makes me remember.

Up this time we are going back to Bassics. (Har Har).  Like most guitar players, I do fancy myself a part time hack bass player. I mean, shucks, you only have to play one note at a time, and its tuned just like a regular geetar. How hard can it be?  Plus those guys never seem to be without a band or a gig.  its just not fair!!

In all seriousness though, many of us guitar players end up obtaining a bass guitar somewhere along the way in our travels for a variety of reasons.  In my case I have used it mostly for recording scratch trax during songwriting before I bring someone in who really knows what they are doing and can lay that groove down like nobody’s business.   A few times I have played bass backing up either a solo musician or sitting in with a band for mostly original music projects since I have absolutely no cover song repetoire on bass.

This guitar I actually was given, for free, from a repair customer of mine probably 6 years ago or so.  Customer came in and handed me the body and neck that had virtually no hardware or electronics. He said I could probably put it to better use than him. I vaguely remember it had the pickguard, and maybe the bridge at most.   It is a Fernandes brand, but otherwise has no other markings to distinguish what model.  Well, seeing a fun assembly project, I immediately ordered all the parts online that I would need to put this badass bass together and make low end history including: tuners, pickups, and electronics.

The guitar was already routed out for a combo of the P-bass pickup in front and Jazz Bass pickup in back so I kept it that way, and added volume, tone, and a blend knob.  Although I usually NEVER put stickers on my guitars, for some reason this guitar seemed to beg for it.  So the stickers came later when I was playing in some band along the way; combo of Guns N’ Roses and Southpark.

Not much else to say about it;  does the job, I actually dig the color(maroon) and the neck is relatively straight.  Funny thing is I never did see that customer again. Oh well.

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