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Guitar Setups and Setup Course

The professional guitar setup is a much misunderstood thing.  I attribute that to the fact that there are alot of  folks out there who think they can perform a setup just because they can tighten a truss rod,  but they really dont really get it. As long as it doesnt buzz and the action is “low”, they think the job is done.

  The difference between a basic setup and a solid professionally done setup can be subtle but at the same time can change completely the way a guitar plays for the better.   I’ve had so many customers fall back in love with a guitar after its had a proper setup in our shop.

For more information about guitar setups you can check out our Faq & Tips page

or get the best book I have seen on the topic, Electric Guitar Setups by Hideo Kamimoto

or even better SIGN UP now for my Guitar Setup Course, where you will learn hands on how to do your own setups and maintain your own stable of guitars.   More info in the Our Services section, and you can always call me for more information.

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