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Learn to Restring Your Guitars: New Course Available!!!

As the ONLY guitar repair shop in Southern California to offer actual one-on-one workshops to teach how to do your own repairs including: setups and fret dressing, I’ve now added another basic level hands-on course on proper and efficient restringing.   Yea, it seems basic (and it is) but I am constantly amazed how many customers come in and they don’t really have this skill down yet.

I know from experience years ago when I started learning guitar that restringing was a dreaded time.  You either had to pay the music store an additional fee to take care of it and have them look at you pathetically for not knowing how to do it yourself, or sit in your bedroom for two hours and still mess it up.  Well honestly, EVERY guitar player should know how to restring their own guitars efficiently, correctly and without any teeth nashing.

This course will show you the basics of restringing either an acoustic, electric or classical guitar. You can also bring in two different style guitars if you wish to really make sure you have this skill down.

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