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New Gallery Added: My Les Paul Junior Build

Check out the Gallery section of the website when you get the chance. I have finally put up a number of pictures chronicling somewhat the steps to build the Les Paul Junior I completed in 2011.  Technically with the two pickups its actually more like a Les Paul Special, but since most people are not familiar with that model, its easier to say Junior….junior.

Body is two piece mahogany from a furniture shop.  neck is one piece of mahogany.  Fingerboard is Rosewood.  Pickups are TV Jones P90s set.   I completed all aspects of building and finishing except the final clear coat spray finish.  Props to Pat Wilkins in Van Nuys for the clear coat.  Check him out in the Links section.  After lots of trial and error on some scrap wood, I finally went for a dark cherry style sunburst that includes vintage amber in the middle to cherry and then to a mahogany on the edges.  The back of the headstock is just sprayed with three coats of cherry for a darker red look.

For the electronics I did use Bournes 83 pots for the volumes.  The front pickup was so dark whenever I turned down the volume that I added a treble bleed cap to that potentiometer.  For the tone caps, i went with 0.022 on the bridge pickup and only 0.01 on the neck pickup.  Again, the neck pickup(front) got far too dark with the standard tone cap, so this allowed that knob to have some more useful range and only slightly roles off the highs until about 2 or 3.

The guitar turned out incredible, not perfect, but incredible.  Its plays very well, has the neck size I prefer, and sizzles with those P90’s rockin’ the house. It is perfect for some rock, blues or funk sizzle.   It only took me a year and half from start to finish on this project, but once it was done, strung up, and set up, just plugging it and hearing the tone made me smile.

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