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New Product Review: TUSQ Guitar Picks

This is an unofficial product review of the soon to be released guitar picks made from a material called Tusq.  They are manufactured by Graphtech, and I was able to score one quite randomly at the NAMM show in January.  I happened to be walking by their booth, and they had some samples sitting on this table to take.  I snagged one, put it in my pocket and sort of forgot about it.  About a week or two later I am digging for some change at the coffee shop, and there it was.

Anyway, the pick is really thin, and my taste has always been towards a more stiff, thicker guitar pick. I tried it out anway, and was immediately surprised at how stiff this pick was, even being thinner than I normally use.(Its the A3 size, 0.88mm)  I have being using it now almost exclusively for electric guitar playing the past month and I really like the playability overall.  I am looking forward to ordering more as I keep worrying that I am going to lose this one pick I have.

Being thinner it feels lighter and the stiffness allows fast picking without losing energy with a floppy pick.   Only downside I have noticed is that the edge of the pick seems to be wearing quite quickly. One evening I had to use an emory board to get the edge back without it snagging on the strings.

TUSQ itself is a madmade product that mimicks bone.  Its been used for many years now on guitar string nuts and acoustic guitar saddles as an alternate for standard bone, amongst other items.

Looks like they are ready to ship these out very soon, mid April, so look for them in a store near you or online.  I’d like to try the even thinner .68mm picks when they are available for general sale.

So to wrap it up:

Pros:  much stiffer material allows for a thinner pick, lighter, and faster response to picking.

Cons:  seems to wear quickly and get rough edge that can catch on the strings.

Available: After April 15th

Sizes:  0.68mm, 0.88mm, and 1.0mm

Colors: white, black, cream

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