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Recent Visit to the Everly Music Laboratory

Had the chance to visit the facility that manufactures all the Cleartone Brand guitar strings recently, Everly Music right in North Hollywood, and see what they were cooking up in their evil product development lab.   As you may know, Cleartone strings are what we stock in the shop these days as standard.

One item that was of particular interest is a yet-to-be-released product called Phil’s Guitar Clay Detailer.  The idea is to use a similar process that they use on new car finishes which is a mulitstep process:  first lift minute particles off the surface with a clay bar product, and then do the final polishing.   I was told the idea is to not swirl those particles around during polishing and thus potentially actually scratching the surface instead of getting a mirror like finish.   The clay in this kit is formulated for guitars, it is a bit softer than the clay bar they use on cars.  They gave me this starter kit and asked me to try the product in our shop and give them some feedback. I have just the guitar for the job, an old Ibanez I have which I was upgrading the electronics on.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Some other items they shared with me, and that I will testing in the shop are some string sets beyond the standard electric and acoustic.  Everly now has a set of treated classical strings, the Sevilla brand in both std. and heavy tension,  bass strings, and also their Red series in both six and twelve string acoustic sets.  The Red series is a new copper/bronze blend that gives the strings this reddish tint. I have a set on my slide guitar, gives it a little warmer sound.  I like it so far.  Would be great to hear on a twelve string guitar.

If you are interested in trying any of these string sets bring your guitar in for a setup and we can choose which strings may fit your playing and tonal preference.

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