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Rescue of the Guitar Project Gone Bad

Customer brought this baby in recently to finally have all those parts put back on the guitar, along with some new pickups. A (now ex) boyfriend had promised to upgrade the electronics. He got as far as  stripping the old parts of the guitar, and then the project sat in the closet for a long time. Fast forward 10 years and my customer finally decided to bring it to me after I had repaired another guitar of hers. She was impressed enough to trust me with her “baby” apparently, and felt it was time for this rocker to finally roll again.

The trickiest part of course was dealing with getting the electronics back into this hollow body guitar.   With the help of some surgical tubing and a hemostat I was able to guide each of the pots back into the proper hole after prewiring everything before putting it in the guitar.  I did this for each pickup and then wired the output jack and added a ground wire to the bridge to reduce noise. 

Then the guitar got a restring and complete set up.  It was during the setup that I realized the floating saddle had no radius, while the fretboard had a 12″ radius. So when the outer E strings were set properly the inner strings were way too low and buzzing against the frets. If I set the inner strings correctly then the outer strings were way too high.  To fix this issue I sanded a curve in the top of the saddle to match the fretboard radius and then added in some new fretwire on the top of the saddle.  Came out perfectly.  Adjusted the intonation as best as possible after that and tested it all out. That guitar sounded really good. I guess those upgraded pickups from the ex-boyfriend really did do the trick after all.

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