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Resonator Guitar Gets Electrified

This metal resonator guitar came in for an upgrade so that the owner can plug it into the sound system during gigs.   I thought it would be interesting to show you what the inside of a resonator really looks like since most people don’t play this style guitar.

This guitar is all metal body, and they get loud on their own, but not enough for a gig situation.  There are essentially three different types of resonator designs that can be used in this type of guitar: Biscuit-bridge single cone, Spider-bridge single cone, and Tri-Cone. The biscuit-bridge single-cone resonator is essentially just a cone with a hole in the center. A wooden disk is placed into the center of the cone. This resonator guitar will only have one resonator inserted into the body

Here is a picture of the guitar with the cone removed.   I had to drill a hole in the side of the guitar to place the output jack and couldnt combine it with the strap button due to this piece of lumber running through the inside of the guitar.  Its a different beast than an acoustic guitar. 

The pickup I assisted the customer in choosing basically is stuck onto the middle section of the cone under the strings to transmit the vibration out to the PA system. Really worked well for the price, I recommend it. 

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