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Rickenbacker Amp Repair and “Its Almost April Already??”

Yes, our blog is alive (if not well) finally here in the year 2012.  After taking a little hiatus due a combination of a lack effort and being extremely busy, I think we are over the hump and back in the saddle.  And so without further explanation…..

Here is an odd site, its a guitar amp from the Rickenbacker company that came to our repair shop last week for a little refurbishment.  Known of course more as a guitar manufacturer, it appears after some research that Rickenbacker has made amps on and off in the past.  This amp, model TR-25, looks to be from about 1977, and is a 25 watt solid state beauty with built in reverb and tremolo.

American Made: Santa Ana, CA

The main issues were very scratchy sounding pots, speaker wires not soldered(just loosely wrapped around the posts), and non functioning reverb.  Once I took the amp apart and removed the very tiny reverb unit, it was thankfully very easy to identify that problem.  A very small wire within the reverb unit had a broken solder joint and had come loose.   Here are a few photos of the inside of the amp.

One thing that I did find incredibly surprising and amusing was the reverb manufacturers stamp on the side of this unit.  Apparently someone had a sense of humor and figured these would never be seen by the end user customer anyway.  Check it out.  I still can’t stop laughing. Definitely some late 70’s vibe going on there.

Well, after all that, I put the amp back together and it was time to see if this badboy was going to work properly.  The amp fired right up and sounded surprisingly good. The reverb works perfectly now and the tremolo is very cool too.

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