Guitar and Fretted Instrument Service and Repair


Each repair requires direct inspection for a firm quote. If there is something you require that is not on the list, by all means call and ask.

Guitar Setup

Complete Setup

Complete Setup – $60, standard acoustic/electric/classical guitar. A complete set up includes checking and adjusting the following: String nut Truss rod for neck relief String action/height from fretboard Intonation Pick up height Tremolo […]

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Buzz Feiten Tuning System Installation

Buzz Feiten Tuning System Installation As a level 2 Buzz Feiten installation shop, we can retrofit all main styles of guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Classical, and we normally have the shelf nuts and […]

Classical Guitar


Restringing Includes Strings in stock Acoustic and Electric Guitar – $30 Classical Guitar $40 Bass Guitar $25 + price of strings.

Gibson Acoustic

Basic Adjustments

Basic Adjustments – neck, action, string nut, etc. If its deemed a complete setup is not required, and one item can be adjusted to get your guitar in proper playing shape. Sometimes a […]

Fret Work

Fret Work

Fret Work (level, dress, polish) – includes a setup This is the repair that is needed the most, but many players wait until the frets are so worn that they need a refret. […]

String Nut

New String Nut

New, Custom-fitted String Nut (includes setup) This is not for some one size fits all plastic nut. We start with a material blank and completely fit, size, and make the string nut to […]


Full Refret

Full Refret (includes leveling, complete setup and strings) I have a wide variety of fret wire available and can work with you to find which fits best with your playing style. All refrets […]


Partial Refret

Partial Refret This service is very popular on acoustic guitars where the first 5-7 frets are completely worn and the rest of the frets are still in great shape. Partial refret includes: Fret […]


New Saddle for Acoustic or Classical

New Saddle for Acoustic or Classical (includes full setup) We can install a new Bone/Corian saddle for your acoustic or classical guitar. This service includes a full setup.

Gluing a bridge

Bridge Work for Acoustic or Classical

Bridge Work for Acoustic or Classical (priced per job) Adjusting existing bridge height Re-gluing bridge Installing new bridge Moving saddle slot position if intonation is extremely out

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Transducer Pickup Installation

Acoustic Transducer Pickup Installation (priced per job) Installation only Pickup systems cost extra I can assist you with choosing what fits your musical needs and budget For systems that require adding a preamp […]

Tuners in need of replacement!

String Tuners Install

String Tuners Install Installation of string tuners Add price of strings and restringing

Broken headstock

Broken Headstock Repair

Broken Headstock Repair Yes, these can be repaired (in most cases) These need a direct inspection for a price quote

Bass electronics

Pickup Installation for Electric/Bass Guitar

Pickup Installation for Electric/Bass Guitar Note: all work on hollowbody and semi-hollowbody electrics requires an extra fee

Bass electronics

Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair

Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair $30 minimum bench charge for electronics problems diagnosis Price may be adjusted if the issue is something very obvious (like a bad output jack, etc.)

Bass electronics

Electronics Rewiring and Custom Design

Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Examples include, but are not limited to: Add a switch / switches Rewire with Super Switch Install push/pull pot for coil tapping Series/parallel wiring New pickup combinations

Bass electronics

Output Jack Replacement

Output Jack Replacement Very common on overseas made guitars.  Includes: American made Switchcraft jack for standard output jacks.  Price $30. For non-standard jacks price quoted per job and cost of needed jack.

Bass Guitar

Preamp and Active Electronics Installation

Preamp and Active Electronics Installation Bass Players seem to love those pre-amps! I have done a lot of these types of systems

Bass Guitar

Strap Buttons Install

Strap Buttons Install We have strap buttons of various colors in stock: Chrome Gold Black Or you can bring in the strap buttons you have chosen yourself

Bass Guitar

Volume/Tone Pots Replacement

Volume/Tone Pots Replacement I stock standard CTS and Bourne replacement potentiometers.

Acoustic Repairs

Miscellaneous Repairs and Upgrades

Misc Repairs and Upgrades We offer a variety of other services, including less common repairs. More than likely we can handle it – please call us to discuss it! Some Examples: Toggle and […]

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