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The Venerable 8-Track

A buddy(and fellow 60’s-70’s era fan) recently sent me this interesting link about the almost forgotten 8-track music format.

Although 8-tracks were slightly before my time I do have a few memories of hearing music on them. A friend’s family car had an 8-track and I remember hearing Styx’s album The Grand Illusion for the first time as we were motoring down the street. That car was some giant 70’s American made boat, maybe a Buick.

My first stereo had an 8-track player also, which I barely ever used. I wore the cassette decks and turntable out though.

I even remember, vaguely, when they pulled all the 8-tracks out of the local record stores after having a huge sale on them. One week the stores basically dumped that whole format, and that was it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this website and learn a little bit about music history. Crazy, but apparently there are still diehards out there who actually like this horrible music listening format. I can tell you from my limited experience, it was crap.

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