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Ultimate Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp Page

Check out this website that is finally back up and running again.  Here is a collection of some of the most detailed information on one of the most mass producted, popular tube guitar amps of our time: the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.  This site has mods, schematics, how to bias, and on and on. 

 This version of the Deluxe, with production starting in the mid 90’s  has gained its popularity by combining a few factors including:  reasonable price for a tube amp, enough power for most any gig,  reliable,  good enough tone, and that Fender name.   I did read somewhere that more of these amps have been sold than any other tube amp by any company.   You’ve probably seen a few in bar and stage backlines.

I bought one of these amps new sometime around 1996 and its been a pretty faithful workhorse for me since then.  I wouldn’t say its my favorite amp of all time, but I have bought and sold a few other amps since buying this one, and wouldnt really consider ever selling this amp. It just has a good classic sound that doesn’t go out of style and fits into alot of musical playing situations.   It will not give you the tightest, meanest distortion but then that is what pedals are for.  What is will give you is a great clean pallete to start with,  any reverb you want from faint to over the top, and 40-60 watts depending on the version you have.

As far as this website, there are some great modifications that he has listed, a number of which I actually did to my amp.   The mods definitely improved the sound of this amp, and proved that even PCB based electronics amp can be modified.  Now it wasn’t as easy as on a more traditional point-to-point amp, but it is possible.   This website was down for quite a while after the site owner had left college and lost the web space he originally had the site hosted on.  Although it looks like he is no longer adding any further information or updates, all of the original info is there again in its full glory and splendor.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try any of the mods on this page.

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