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When is a Guitar Not A Guitar?

Well, maybe its when this “12 string acoustic guitar” my customer brought in is really a Baja Sexto, BUT the customer is always right, so we made  a new string nut and strung it up with 12 string acoustic strings.    The whole time I was working on this “guitar” something was bothering me about it.  How could this guitar look like a classical guitar that needed a diet,  yet be ready for 12 strings, of which I have never seen for classical guitars?  On top of that it had that funky bridge and the blockiest oversized neck I have ever worked on.    Well, way after the job was done and paid for I finally figured out what that thing was.  (Ah, the power of internet research and a couple beers)

The baja sexto is also a 6 paired string instrument, but the strings are an octave lower, and is its meant to be more of a bass style instrument in small ensembles. Now I am not an expert, so feel free to correct me, or to enlighten us further on this instrument. 

Either way, customer X was happy with the work, but I have no clue how he is going to play that thing for more than a couple songs in a row.

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